We work with our clients to …

  • enable them to fulfill their vision for having an organization be simultaneously thriving as a business and a place where the best in people is expected and received.
  • Design and develop an organization that will create, maintain and continue to develop that way of being;
  • Become innovative, entrepreneurial, transformative or (your own desired way of being).
  • Turn around the performance of an organization that is in early stages of failing. That is, identified as an organization that is taking increasingly more resources to maintain its results. This applies to anything from the whole enterprise to a particular division, product or even project;
  • Recover from an attempt at an organizational transformation that is not meeting expectations by building on the knowledge that has been gained from the experience;
  • Develop and apply a dramatic change in the theory of the business. This will turn into a demand for new organizational designs and practices consistent with the new theory.

Here is a partial list of organizations we have served

Chemical, Construction and Energy

  • Amec Construction (UK)
  • British Petroleum
  • Chevron Asia
  • Chevron Oil
  • Chevron Project Resources Corporation
  • Dept. of Energy USA
  • Elf Aquitaine
  • Foster Wheeler Engineering
  • Gulf Canada
  • Imperial Chemical Industries
  • Monsanto
  • Shell International
  • Statoil (Norway)

Pharmacological and High Tech

  • Intel
  • Merck
  • Sun Microsystems

Manufacturing/Consumer Products

  • Procter & Gamble
  • Unilever (Europe, India)


  • Center for Comprehensive Services
  • Evergreen Health Medical System
  • Sisters of Providence Hospitals (US)


  • George Mason University Management and Economics
  • Research Institutions and Academia
  • Roffey Park Institute (Complexity)
  • Santa Fe Institute
  • The Hunger Project
  • United Nations Development Program