For: Project managers, managers and leaders in the early stages of a transformational change initiative, change agents looking for a ‘kick start’, managers and team leaders of innovation projects

Creating Breakthrough ProjectsProgram Description: Projects teams are the ideal way to accomplish a specific sub-goal within a larger organization. This is commonly recognized if there is a finite objective and end date – like constructing an office building. The value of creating a project team as the ‘kick starter’ of a larger transformation initiative is not generally recognized. Any project can be a breakthrough project. What is required is that the project be organized to produce extraordinary results. The unique features of breakthrough require unique features of organization design. These need to include not only the project team members but also executive support to provide a special status inside the existing organizational structure. A major required feature is that a ‘ring fence’ needs to be created around the project and its members. This applies to those invited to be temporary members, usually technical specialists, when they operate as part of the breakthrough project team. Specific behaviors and skills are required beyond what is normal to the larger organization. This program will present the steps, the special skills and the practices to turn any project into a breakthrough project.

Benefit and Value: The promise of Creating a Breakthrough Project Team is that you will be ready to enroll others, including senior levels if necessary, in the benefits of creating such a team. You will also have the basics to form and support such a team.

Format: Pre-course self-directed preparation, Webinar: Two 90 minute sessions, post-course self-directed application guide. Workshop: Half day

Tuition: $150/person, minimum 4 people