An introduction to the principles and practices of transformative organization design led by Michael D. McMaster.

creating intelligent organizationsFor: Executives, general managers of divisions, factories, etc., leaders of change initiatives, change agents, CEO’s of start-ups

Program Description: We’ll begin by understanding how your organization is already intelligent. We’ll explore the nature of an intelligence which is far greater than the mere accumulated intelligence of the individual members of the organization. We’ll become clear on what is most inhibiting your enterprise’s intelligence potential and what the basic organization principles are to increase that intelligence. We’ll explore some specific organizational features of your enterprise to develop actions to take to increase the intelligence of your enterprise.

Benefit and Value: The promise of Creating Intelligent Organizations is to leave you with the most immediate and important steps to take to begin the process. It will also provide you with the ability to enroll those senior level people that will have to support the initiative.

Format: Pre-course self-directed preparation.

Webinar: Two 90 minute sessions or Workshop: Half day + post-course self-directed application guide.

Tuition: $450 minimum, to include max 4 people; $150 for each additional person. Price for large groups to be negotiated.