All human social organizations are intelligent.

This intelligence emerges from the synergy of all the individual intelligences of the organization’s members. This intelligence is greater than the sum of its members in the same way that an effective team is smarter than any individual member of the team. Organization design will either increase or decrease its intelligence.

We develop leaders in the art of design for intelligence and co-design your organization with them so that it naturally and continually increases positive connections between your people, customers, suppliers, competitors and all other places of potentially useful knowledge.

We will work with you to:

  • Create interactive processes, structures and practices that continually demand creative interaction with different areas that are usually not considered together.
  • Maximize the distribution of information.
  • Train people in the art of dialog and inquiry as the means to access knowledge beyond technical problem solving.
  • Create venues where people are challenged in their own thinking about what is relevant.
  • Explore beyond the organizational boundaries and bring back ideas to merge with areas of your own and others.
  • Have people who have shown excellence in their jobs share what they are doing and even take on temporary management responsibilities in areas outside their accountabilities.
  • Create natural physical and virtual spaces for casual interactions designed to draw forth new ideas.

Those interested in a deeper dive into this topic should consult:
What IS Organizational Intelligence?: An Intense Primer by Michael D. McMaster