For: Leaders, managers, consultants, presenters/educators, salesmen, coaches, change agents.

Description: One of the essential capacities that individuals in Transformative Organizations will embody is the ability to communicate clearly, effectively in a variety of fit-for- purpose ways. Over the course of three sessions participants will develop the following mission-critical capacities for transformative leaders:

  • Paying attention to the quality of attention present in self and others, the fundamental skill of effective communication.
  • Committed, creative speaking — performative, action language for accelerated coordination of action.
  • Leading generative conversations that open up possibilities and expand creativity in groups.
  • Leading pure dialogues.
  • Developing the ability to know what style of speaking and listening is appropriate in a given situation.
  • Dealing with upsets and conflict skillfully.

Benefit and Value: Participants will become more effective communicators, better leaders, better team members. Their ability to make and sustain relationships will expand. Their ability to direct concerted action of teams and larger groupings will improve. The greatest value will be that they and those around them will be more effective, productive and delighted at work.

Format: Pre-course self-directed preparation, Webinar: Three 90 minute sessions, post-course self-directed practice guidelines, slide packs and resource papers; Workshop: One Day.

Tuition: $175/person. Group rates for in-house programs negotiable.