Michael McMaster

I had the great fortune to play team sports for nationally competitive teams. I didn’t discover the depth of those benefits until my middle 20s. It seemed to me that being a member of a team with a purpose, and significant success, was the best life could offer. I was pursuing a career, via a CPA degree, in management. This is when I really discovered the value of the sports team days. If only life in an organization could be like this. I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to making this so for as many organizations and their members as possible.

My life is about exploring, learning, and applying everything I can in the areas of communication, relationship, language and commitment and to pass along all I can.

The last element that I realized was a crucial element of real transformation was the design of organization itself. It was then that I discovered the Santa Fe Institute’s theories of Complex Adaptive Systems.

For 40+ years I’ve been applying new learning to my consulting to organizations. The earliest area of communication work was as a co-developer of NLP (neurolinguistics programming) for business and developing group work skills with University Associates. My next major development was as a consultant, and later, CEO of Transformational Technologies, Inc. with an emphasis on creating breakthroughs with major project teams starting with BP Exploration’s development of the Andrews Project. The most important and latest addition was to engage in design of transformative organizations based in CAS theory..

Joseph Friedman

My vocation is transformational education and I express that through a variety of methodologies, including Erhard’s linguistic, ontological coaching; Baranco’s Man/Woman dynamics; Wilber’s Integral Approach and Hellinger’s Constellation Work. My greatest assets, however, are creative listening and an unshakeable commitment to my client’s success and fulfillment.

Since 1975 I have worked with individuals, teams, and organizations around the world — small family businesses, large multi-nationals and international NGO’s. I have co-founded and managed several successful international consultancies and human development organizations for which I developed consultant development programs and a variety of assessment tools.

Today I coach high-functioning individuals and organizations engaged in making the transition to deeper, more authentic expressions of their animating purpose. Doing my work with integrity requires that I am continually working on my own developmental edge. Currently, that means collaborating on the development of the Resonance Code, a new version of the I Ching, practicing Hatha Yoga and learning the language of Transformative Organizational Design.

Helping to create intelligent, resilient and humane organizations at all scales from the individual to the social is my passion and my privilege. At a time of life when there are more days behind than in front of me, I look forward to contributing all that I am able to the formation of a global cohort of committed evolutionaries, equipped with the very best theories, models, and practices necessary to form and manage enterprises that meet the challenges of our time with creativity and compassion.