The future is not “out there waiting to happen” 

Most people live as though there is a future “out there” waiting to happen. But there is no future out there. We are not living into a future, we are either living into our past projected ahead of us or we are living into a space of possibility which is present now.

All possibility is present now.  It is present as possibility. 

This does not imply “anything is possible”. It is not. However, what is possible is far beyond our ability to imagine let alone explore.

The problem we have is not the actual limits of possibility. The problem is that we are unaware of the existence and nature of possibility. We live largely as though things must happen in the future pretty much as they are now happening and that we have little to say about it.

But that is our mistake. We have everything to say about it because the future exists in our speaking. To the extent that we speak unaware that the past is “speaking us”, we are unable to create the future and destined to live into the past. 

The deepest sleep of all is not to know that the future is being created by our current practices of speaking and action. We repeat what came from our past without awareness. We are unaware that we are creating our future in that automatic behavior. 

To be awake is to realize that, like compounding interest, each moment builds increasing possibility and each word and each action is the future as it exists in the present moment. It is the relationships, connections, the “fit”, with what is that provides the vast space of possibility.

Anything is not possible because only that which can create a fit to the whole can persist. Each increase in the whole increases the richness, complexity and intelligence of the universe and increases the space of possibility. The possibilities of contribution are so great that the future is far beyond our imagination.

Each possibility realized creates more space. Each repetition of the past based in unawareness, decreases the space of possibility. 

The choice is ours at every moment.