For: Leaders, managers, consultants, presenters/educators, salesmen, coaches, change agents

Program Description: Enrollment is both a practice and a way of being. It is a form of post-conventional sales and a place/space to come from when coaching or leading a meeting. It is a critical skill for members of transformative organizations to develop, because they will often be presenting new ideas and innovations and needing to enlist others over whom they have no authority to make these innovations happen. Enrollment can be defined as an interaction that generates committed action in a mood of partnership, sufficiency and service.

Benefit and Value: The promise of Introduction to the Art of Enrollment Webinar is that it will develop your natural ability to extend attractive and frequently accepted invitations in a mood of partnership and service.

Format: Pre-course self-directed preparation, Webinar: Two 90 minute sessions, post-course self-directed practice guidelines; Workshop: four hours.

Tuition: $150/person. Group rates for in-house programs negotiable.