Like a cell in a body, you are connected to the whole organization

You are at the center of the corporation you are in. That is, you can see it only from yourself as the center. Considering it as though it were separate from you, even as though you were just a bit on the edge, will not enable you to experience the whole.
As an intelligent being who is part of an organization you are connected to the whole from your own perspective – which is the only perspective you can have. From that view, you are at the center. Begin to think from this position and discover what it gives you.

Inquire into the meaning, significance, implications of this position and explore the new interpretations and insights that you gain.

From this position, which is akin to being a “cell within a body”, find your own voice, your own purpose, your own expression. What is it that you have to contribute? What is it that you have to say? What is your unique form of participation? What richness is the whole missing by your not expressing this fully? Individuals are the main source of energy and intelligence of an organization so your awareness of your point of view is important to the whole.

From this position, say what the organization, or any part of it, is organized for. How many organizations, teams, divisions, specialties, can you be part of at once? Begin to see organization as a matter of relationships which have different timings, different connections, different purposes. One corporation has many, many of these and each individual is related to all in some way.

In a corporation, what is being organized? We immediately see people, plant and equipment, physical stuff. We rapidly see physical flows of materials and people’s work being coordinated. Begin to see organization as relating to flows of energy and information in patterns. Organization is the relationship of energy and information flows that makes patterns. Organization refers to the coordination of action. Knowing the intended results, you can assess the coordination or lack of it. You can assess your own level of contribution to the whole. This perspective is the most valuable one you can have as a participant.

Consider your organization chart – formal and informal – from this point of view. Consider the practices, structures and processes from this point of view. By doing this, you will find the points of most impact on results. The real challenge is to look at these through a point of view that embraces creating the future.