The energy to transform your organization will come from your employees

We work with you to liberate and amplify that energy at both the organizational and the individual levels.maximizing effort, engagement and effectiveness

At the organizational level:

  • Organize to maximize voluntary, discretionary effort and engagement
  • Identify and eliminate obstacles to individuals giving their best efforts, rather than creating new processes. At their most difficult, this will involve creating short-chain bypasses.
  • Ensure your organization has an authentic vision, purpose and principles – and integrates these into the processes and practices of work.
  • Create “a game worth playing” – a short to medium term statement of strategic intent that aligns everyone’s energies.
  • Create “Breakthrough Projects” with a “ring fence” around them which prevents interference from opposition that might arise and/or provide “bypass mechanisms” in the linear chain of command.

The immediate payback from these will provide funds for the next and greatest step. Releasing what is already there is nowhere near the limit of what is possible. Creating more energy is the next step and those processes of creation have no end.

At the individual level:

  • Develop leaders to cause step changes in thinking and behavior correlated with business effectiveness.
  • Train a critical mass of individuals in commitment-based communication and generative listening.
  • Leverage leadership effectiveness by generating vertical leadership development. We have found that the quickest route to breakthroughs in leadership effectiveness is to integrate group leadership off site and individual coaching with work on the Strategic Intent and/or other critical business initiatives.
  • Develop capabilities to work with complexity, manage polarities and generate possibilities.
  • Create a group to continuously develop the capabilities of all individuals and teams in the organization.