Our StoryThe founders of The Transformatives have devoted their carriers to causing personal, organizational and social transformation with individuals and organizations around the world. We have, collectively, over 100 years of experience working at levels of scale that span small family businesses to large capital project teams, from multi-national corporations to global NGO’s. Our expertise ranges from leadership development, breakthrough project execution, large scale system transformation, to coaching and executive mentoring. We are writers and speakers, teachers and business managers. Collectively we have founded and run many successful businesses. Each in our own way is a thought leader. We all are published writers.

Mike and Joseph met thirty years ago when we were each the owners of consultancies whose offices were a few miles apart. George and Mike worked on consulting projects together in the 90’s as early adopters of applied complexity theory and knowledge management. In the ensuing years Mike wrote and published three books on organizational intelligence and transformation; Joseph created several training and development programs for leaders, coaches and consultants around the world and George, pioneered work in the field of Teal organisations, collective intelligence, communities of practice, and knowledge gardening. After being out of contact for 20 years we found each other again and began the conversations that have resulted in the formation of The Transformatives. We each share a commitment to creating a lasting legacy by developing transformative agents and transformative organizations around the world.