We have a challenge…

How can we communicate what we do so that you see a fit for our working together?  If we say in broad terms who our work is best suited to, we will almost certainly fail in our attempt to communicate. It will be too general or too specific. How can it be otherwise because we haven’t spoken at all? So, I can’t speak to what you want to know in a sufficiently short bit of type.

I have an idea! How about you have a quick glance at the site, even just the home page, and, if there’s a glimmer of interest, we will talk to you via Zoom and then we’ll all have a basis for making a decision to move forward. After all, we’ll be interviewing you at the same time you are interviewing us.

If you aren’t picking up your phone or putting a call time into your calendar, then we’ll have to plunge on.

We are interested only in gaining a client who is committed to accomplishing an organizational transformation. The nature of our engagement will emerge from this goal of yours. If you don’t have this as your focal point for the near future, don’t call us.

There are a few consultants in the market who offer a service under the heading ‘organizational transformation’. There are very few that actually can deliver. Why is that? There are those who do understand and deliver a transformational product but it’s really only ‘individual transformation’. They are really good with the people side, the communication side, but don’t really understand organization as such. There are others, who may understand organization but are not so good with the people.

We work both with people development and organization design, always taking both perspectives into account. We have deep experience in working with leaders and their teams and working with those on the front lines, usually in large groups, whether they are in customer contact or manual production work – or even technology developers and scientists.  In addition to the immediate benefits you will receive, we make sure you are developing the internal resources to continue to develop what we start together.

We address your current challenges from four fundamental assertions that:

  • Human beings are best related to as independent, intelligent and entrepreneurial.
  • Organizations can be designed to promote or decrease collective intelligence.
  • Strategy can be a source of inspiration, a touchstone and a compass.
  • Organizing consistent with these assertions will produce a sustainably thriving enterprise.

We apply these principles in four fields of action:

Every situation is different and, in every case, transformation emerges from the interaction of these four fields.