A theory “is a group of statements, taken as a related whole, that is used as our basis for design, judgment and guidance of action.”

Most organizations have a theory derived from viewing the organization as a machine.  Everything changes when your theory is grounded in the view that your organization is an intelligent, complex and adaptive system. Theory is what creates the identity of an organization. Your current theory is what allows for the existing level of performance. A step change in performance can be generated most elegantly by reinventing the theory of your business and how it is organized.

Everything from how you relate to your market to how you relate to your members, from the structure of management to the way you create new knowledge (innovation) can be reinvented.  We say: “Disrupt yourself or be disrupted.”

Some questions we would explore with you to begin that process:

  • What few simple theories form the basis of your approach to your business?
  • What theories are the basis of your organization’s design?
  • What theories re people and production organize your work flow?
  • What theories are active in your organization re trust, cooperation and relationships?
  • You know action produces results: What are your theories regarding the source of action?
  • Is what we are doing producing the results we want?
  • If we were starting this business today, what would be different in how we’re organized and how we produce value? What would be the same?