Removing Barriers to InnovationMany organizations have structures and practices that actually inhibit innovation and decrease Organizational Intelligence. In this program participants will discover how to identify and remove these barriers and reap immediate benefits.

For: Managers, project leaders, change agents

Program Description: Being innovative is a natural part of being human. To be alive is to be adaptive (another word for innovative). The good news is we don’t need to ‘push’ for innovation so much as we need to stop inhibiting it. Unfortunately, most organization structures and practices seriously inhibit the possibilities for the whole enterprise. We’ll uncover the structures and practices that are most detrimental to innovation. Removing these will dramatically increase organizational intelligence and the natural outcome will be increasing innovation.

Benefit and Value: The promise of “Removing Barriers to Innovation” is you will leave with actions to take immediately that will show results in the short term. You will also have actions to take to for the longer term to make sure gains are built on and not lost.

Format: Pre-course self-directed preparation, Webinar: Two 90 minute sessions, post-course self-directed application guide. Workshop: Half day

Tuition: $150/person or $??? For a team of 6-8 people.