For whom?
The Transformative Reinvention Intensive is designed to shift one’s relationship to the past and the future and make one more of match for the future that is calling one to be, the future that is whispering or perhaps shouting in one’s ear – “Wake up! It’s your time”. If what has brought you the success and happiness in your life and in your profession to date is no longer quite fit for purpose, if you are called to a deep, transformative reinvention of who you consider yourself to be and what you believe to be able to do, then this program is for you.

Purpose and Promises:

The purpose of the Transformative Reinvention Intensive is to empower and enable you to design the next phase of your professional and personal life journey.

You will have a deep, satisfying experience of your creative capacity to source your life from head, heart and spirit.
You will develop an inspiring, comprehensive vision for yourself and a stand to realize that vision.
You will have a clear view of what internal capacities and objective skills that need to be developed to make your vision real.
You will leave the Intensive with a map of the journey ahead and clarity on the next steps that you will take.

Program Description
The Intensive takes place over three full days at a residential retreat center. Location will vary depending on season and participant requests. Each day will run from 9am to 9pm, including meals. There will be ample opportunities for experience natural beauty, the exercise regime of your choice and a wide variety of processes delivered by the Intensive staff. There will be a maximum of five participants to ensure ample time and space for each person’s work.

Pre-work and Day One: Reckoning
Prior to the Intensive you will be supported to take an initial assessment of your current reality. We will use a variety of assessment tools, interviews and self-reflective processes to create this baseline understanding for you and for the Reinvention Intensive staff.
In this phase of the program you will focus on gathering facts, feelings and perceptions to illuminate where you are in the arc of your life, your assets and liabilities, the social and familial networks in which we live and the cultural milieu in which we think and feel. All that up against what time is it in the world and what is being called for from us in that context. There may be fair amount of distress, disorientation and breaking-down in this phase. It will be great if there isn’t. And it is also a precious experience if there is. This phase is like composting. The more our Old Self/identity is broken down and digested, the more energy can be released into the new cycle of reinvention. The first part of the in-person session will continue and complete this process.

Day Two: Remembering and Reinvention
In this phase of the process we identify and begin to remember aspects of ourselves that we have lost or alienated, to remember instances where that alienation occurred and re-collect, heal, make ourselves more whole. This phase presents us with the opportunity to be more connected to the collective forces in which we are embedded and from that collective draw inspiration and energy to source an appropriate self expression for what wants to be channeled through us. .We may also do deep completion work in various modalities to prepare ourselves for the next space of Reinvention – a space of creativity, innovation and Redesign. The staff will offer suggestions on how to continue the remembering process after the Intensive through a variety of modalities.

At a certain point after deepening our relationship to what is most real we will be able to, as Otto Scharmer says, “let go and let come” and in that moment create a vision, a declaration an intent that will serve as the armature around which a new identity can form and a space of possibility arises to explore. It may not be the final possibility or a completely articulated new identity, but this will get us moving in a direction of growing resonance and harmony with the what life wants expressed through you and what you want for yourself.

Day Three: Design and Renewal — Charting the Way Forward
Just as the process began with a “reckoning” of current assets liabilities and the shape of our lives today, as we design and renew our lives, we begin to look forward at what is and is not in resonance with the vision and future created on Day Two. We may see more subjective and objective elements of our lives that will require attention so we can more forward most easily. We will assess the capacities and skills that will be required to realize your vision and create a project plan (Iteration #1). This plan will include the design of a structure for support and guidelines for including significant others at home and at work in your vision and project.

Tuition and Expenses
Tuition for the Transformative Reinvention Intensive is $3,500.
Charges for assessment tools will vary with the tools selected to best serve you.
Expenses for Lodging and Meals not included.