We have never stopped learning …

We have each been educated in and practiced with leaders in many fields applicable to generating transformative change in human systems such as European History, Gestalt psychology, Ken Blanchard’s University Associates, Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), est and Landmark Education, Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach, Hellinger Constellations, and advanced linguistic approaches.

Joseph spent years working for a global NGO and then the United Nations applying many of these theories to solving the problem of persistent hunger and starvation and training leaders to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. Michael has a background as a CPA and studied with leaders of the Austrian  school of economics.  He then moved into organizational transformation and Complex Adaptive Systems theory at Santa Fe Institute.  Michael took the complexity work to focus on the idea that an enterprise was an intelligent entity in its own right.  From this he developed a number of approaches to creating breakthrough projects with clients and introducing them to new thinking.

We have never stopped learning and continuously developing our work with clients.  We recently have added a focus on systems and practices to provide a structure for ongoing transformation of an enterprise.

While these are the key elements involved in our current work, we each have been engaged in deep studies in many different fields and always bring insights from surprising areas into our development work with clients.