webinars and workshopsThe Transformatives have a large catalog of learning programs that can be delivered as in-person workshop or online as webinars. Our webinars are live video conferences that connect you with the instructor, participants from all over the world, presentation materials, small group experiences, and sometimes more, like live interviews with invited experts and leading practitioners. We can also create bespoke programs in either format as standalone in-house development seminars for your organization or as part of a larger organizational transformation process.

The Transformatives are currently offering the webinars and programs for transformational learning listed below that can be customized for your organization’s needs.  To find out more contact us.

Creating Intelligent Organizations

An introduction to the principles and practices of transformative organization design led by Michael D. McMaster.

Removing the Barriers to Innovation

Many organizations have structures and practices that actually inhibit innovation and decrease Organizational Intelligence. In the program participants will discover how to identify and remove these barriers and reap immediate benefits.

Creating a Breakthrough Project Team

A key capacity of transformative organizations is the ability to nimbly form project teams to produce highly desirable but not predictable results — breakthroughs. In this program participants will be enabled with time-tested principles to take a group of individuals and form a highly effective team.

Introduction to the Art of Enrollment

Participants in this program will develop their natural ability to extend attractive and frequently accepted invitations in a mood of partnership and service. Without enrollment the future will look pretty much like the present.

Practices of Enrollment

Participants will receive a deep grounding in specifics ways to speak and listen that are critical to the Art of Enrollment — influencing others to take committed action without force or manipulation. They will also learn how to prepare for sales meetings, trainings, coaching sessions or team leading in the most effective way.

Effective Communication for Transformative Leaders

Participants will become more effective communicators, better leaders, better team members. Their ability to make and sustain relationships will expand. Their ability to direct concerted action of teams and larger groupings will improve. The greatest impact will be that embodying this material will have the leader and those around them be more effective, productive and delighted at work.

Transformative Reinvention Intensive

The Transformative Reinvention Intensive is designed to shift one’s relationship to the past and the future and make one more of match for the future that is calling one to be, the future that is whispering or perhaps shouting in one’s ear – “Wake up! It’s your time”. If what has brought you the success and happiness in your life and in your profession to date is no longer quite fit for purpose, if you are called to a deep, transformative reinvention of who you consider yourself to be and what you believe to be able to do, then this program is for you.